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The Purpose of Man

Men have to figure out what they have to do. And if they have nothing worth living for, then they stay Peter Pan, and why the hell not? Because the alternative to valued responsibility is impulsive, low-class pleasure.

Jordan Peterson

Men need purpose. All people—but specifically men. On a spiritual level, they need to feel that their work is accomplishing something. That what they do on the daily makes some kind of difference.

That’s why simple employment can be so soul crushing. Pushing paper across a desk doesn’t fulfill this need unless it is part of a larger purpose he believes in.

That’s not to say that your day job has to be your purpose. Plenty of men find great satisfaction through volunteer work and time spent with family. But you can bet that if a man is happy, it’s because he’s found meaningful work in some area of his life.

There is no shortage of pleasures available to the affluent western world. Even the lower class has access to constant entertainment. It’s enticing, even addicting, but it does not fulfill the purpose of man. Video games, movies, and sports are fun, but they are poor substitutes to a meaningful life.

The purpose of man is to work. Go find something you believe in and work at it.

Not only does that glorify God, it leads to a much more fulfilling life.