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Let the Dream Die

There’s some irony in starting a business, or writing a book, or any other creative endeavor. You have to let the dream die first.

I’m a hobbyist fiction writer. One of the hardest parts about writing is getting over the fear that I’m doing it wrong. It actually kind of cripples me at times.

I worry that a story won’t come out exactly how I want it to. I worry that a character won’t mean as much to the reader as they do to me. I worry no one will like my book because it wasn’t the absolute best it could be.

So I do nothing. I close my laptop and wait for it to be perfect.

The truth is that reality will always look a bit different than our dreams, no matter what. there’s no way around it. Every artist, every businessman, every human has to face this fact.

If you have a dream of doing something daring, something entrepreneurial, something great, go do it. It wont turn out the way it did in your head. It can’t. In many ways it will be better, but first you have to let your hold on perfection die. You have to let the dream die.

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