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Letter to Myself

Dear Morning Luke,
I’m having a hard time wanting to go to bed. The sooner I go to bed, the sooner morning comes. And morning always sucks, so why would I want it to come sooner? Let’s try something. I, Night Luke, will list all the reasons not to go to bed, and you, Morning Luke, can weigh in on the other side. If I stay up, I can: watch more YouTube videos about all kinds of things that will easily hold my attention for another hour or two. I could eat ice cream. I really want some ice cream. I was decently productive this evening, so I think I deserve some “relaxation” time in front of the TV. . . never mind that I already watched two episodes of Battlestar Galactica tonight. If I stay up, I COULD be productive and do laundry… or maybe something more fun like YouTube. Okay, I have to admit I’m just stalling now. Fine, I’ll go to bed. Hope you’re happy, Morning Luke. Hope your morning was worth ruining my fun for.
Night Luke

Dear Night Luke,
It’s nice that you decided to go to bed “early” last night. That was very considerate of you. Might I suggest you skip the half hour of complaining and just go to bed next time? Morning still came too early. You took away my writing time this morning. That being said, this whole day at work flew by because of how productive I was. And I reluctantly owe that to you. Keep up the good work; it was definitely worth it.
Afternoon Luke (filling in for Morning Luke)

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