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Selling Jesus

Some Christians get a little squeamish when they hear people talk about church marketing. They fear that marketing will turn Jesus into a product.

I understand and even admire their hesitation to some extent. Perhaps, like me, they have friends who decide to stay away from church because they think the church is out to snatch their money or rope them into volunteering.

But this fear of marketing really comes from a lack of understanding of what marketing is. High-falutin “Marketing” is not to blame when churches require donations. (Predatory churches is a topic for another post.)

Seth Godin, a nationally recognized entrepreneur and marketing expert, describes marketing as “the stories we tell”.

If THAT is what marketing is, then no church can exist without it. The Church’s whole existence is centered around an incredible story that they believe is true. And not only true, but relevant.

So Church, if you want to grow. Get out there and tell your story. Start “marketing” Jesus.

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